Company Profile

New Chang-An is one of the largest packaging manufacturers in China specializing in industrial chemicals and adhesive packing and containers. Our factory is ISO 9001:2000 certified and implementing ISO 14000 standard to give full confident to the clients on the quality and commit to protect the environment. In the past 30 years, we have been supporting clients from around the world and we keep expanding our production capacity to meet client’s growing demands.


We specialize in manufacturing various packing materials including plastic cartridge, paperboard cartridge, aluminum collapsible tube, sausage foil (which can be printed and filled on automatic machine), two component cartridge, static mixer and nozzle which are catered for silicone sealant, PU sealant, MS sealant and chloroprene rubber adhesive.

We committed to produce top quality products to meet nowadays customer’s needs and it has been verified by international testing lab in the US that our products demonstrate excellent physical properties.


With more than 100 series of products as well as excellent quality and service, our products have been not only supplied to domestic market but also exported to over 30 countries and districts such as Australia, Middle East, India, Japan, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on.